Wednesday, June 25, 2008

3 Years Ago Today....

Chris and I were married! Last year on our 2 year anniversary we had our first and only ultra sound and found out we were having a little girl. That day was one of my favorite days ever!

So here is to our three years of marriage. The good times, the rough times the challenging and the joyous. We were made stronger through it all and though I may act like a diva at times I love you with all my heart!

Let's take a look back shall we at all the good times leading up to our big day...

Halloween 10 years ago. The only reason I went and dressed up (I hate dressing up) was because I knew you would be there...(I'm the newsboy)

One of our first dates. We played lazer tag with friends and then went out to eat...we were so skinny!

To all the Christmas parties we endured together...

Engaged at last!

Minutes before walking down the isle smelling my gorgeous flowers

Our ceremony performed by my dad. Our siblings as bridesmaids and best man.

Our cake made by my Aunt by my dad

Eating the yummy cake in the face here folks!!

Gotta refresh the lipstick!

Our first dance in the gazebo...looking very tanned

Posey posey for the camera

Becoming a dad...saying hello to our little daughter Sophia Grace

Thanks Chris for everything you do for us!


Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

Awwww, so sweet. Were't you just a beautiful bride!

And that cake.. yum-o!

Sara said...

Happy Anniversary Chris & Laura!What a beautiful say to remember!

amanda said...

happy, happy anniversary friend :)

enjoy every ounce of this special day!

Christy said...

Happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

I remember Hallowe'en and the lazer tag!!!

Love to all 3 of you on this special day!


Jen said...

Don't you just love "skinny" pics? You were a gorgeous bride! I think it is so neat that you had the ultrasound on your anniversary. Happy Anniversary!

Lindsey and Adam said...

Happy Anniversary to you both!!
Thanks so much for the comment love! It is amazing being a Mommy, isn't it? :D

Nice to meet you, too! <3

Allikaye's Mama said...

Happy Anniversary! I loved your flashback pictures - and gorgeous wedding!!!

Allikaye's Mama said...

Oh, me again! Allikaye's cute butterfly sweater is from Children's Place! I LOVE it too!

Marni Tiani Self said...

What a beautiful bunch of photos. Oh and I love your layout too. I'll have to come back and see you again!