Friday, May 23, 2008

Rain, Rain Go Away!

The last couple of days the sunshine has been replaced by rain, boo. However it was nice and cozy for Sophia and I as we stayed indoors and played all day.

On a side note Sophia has decided that she doesn't need an afternoon nap anymore even though she is very tired and very cranky! I am not sure why she is now protesting the afternoon nap. It makes for a looong day! Today at least the sun is shining so we can go for a walk and hopefully I can lull her to sleep if she decides to boycott her nap. I know eventually babies will stop one of their naps and only have one nap per day. I think 7 months is a bit young for this though!!! She still has a runny/plugged nose so this could be a factor.

On another side note I signed Sophia up for her first swim lessons! How cute is that? It's called Starfish swimming lessons! It is just a 30 minute class for them. On the downside this means I have to put on a bathing suit, gulp!! Oh well I am going to bury any ego I may have and take the plunge. Today I may go to the mall and see if I can find a bathing suit that covers umm everything! If not I will just use Sophia to block me and walk at a very fast pace until I am safely in the pool!

Here are a couple pictures taken yesterday on our rainy day. Sophia is wearing her little fuzzy, cozy dress! She is so cuddly in this dress. It is from my mom's friend Kerri. It is so sweet! We are so lucky, Sophia has been spoiled endlessly with adorable outfits, we love it!


amanda said...

honey swimming lessons! really?? i never even thought to sign beans up!!

btw if you did find a swimsuit that "covers" could you let me know? i might need to go buy two :)

ps - the cuddly dress is adorable!!

McMommy said...

Sophia is just too adorable for words! Love the dress! And I'll bet she's not napping because of that stuffy nose...things will go back to normal once that clears up I bet.

Carter and I just started taking Mommy&Me swim lessons...oh the joy of wearing a bathing suit in public!! Carter love it though...he was literally jumping in by the end of class!