Thursday, May 15, 2008

Back In Action (Sort Of)

I am starting to feel like a human again. I still sound awful and I sometimes scare Sophia with my cough. Sorry my sweet girl. It has been a challenge to be a mom and be sick! You can't take sick days when you have a baby. This is when it would be very helpful to live near grandparents. (It would always be awesome to live near them of course but especially when you are sick.) One of the many challenges has been keeping in my coughs while putting Sophia to nap or bed. I always rock with her and feed her until she is just about asleep and then lay her down to sleep. Every time I do this I get a bad tickle in my throat and want to cough so bad!!! Oh it is the hardest thing to keep in a cough when it itches and burns so bad. I am hoping and praying Sophia doesn't catch my cold. This morning she woke up with a runny nose and has had one all day. It has been more than her normal "teething" runny nose. So I am just praying it will not turn into anything worse! She seems to be in good spirits and does not have a fever.

On Monday it was such a relief when Gina came and took Sophia for the afternoon. She had her hands full with Sophia and her 16 month old boy Samuel. In the evening before Chris came to pick up Sophia. Sam and Sophia had some cousin bonding time watching 'In The Night Garden'. I am not sure if this show is only on in Canada but it is weird!! Yet they are fascinated by it! Sam will sit and watch the whole show while Gina gets things done around the house. This is a small miracle since Sam doesn't sit down for longer than two minutes. The show kind of freaks Gina and I out. It is similar to Teletubbies which was down right strange as well. But whatever works I say. If you want to have a glimpse of this strange yet fascinating show click here

Enjoying a little 'In The Night Garden' together (Gina said that every once and a while Sam would stop and give Sophia hugs in the middle of the show, awe melt my heart)...

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