Wednesday, March 6, 2013

the weekend

so obviously attempting to blog again has not been succesful.

i feel like i have so much that i missed in the gaps of not blogging that it is stressing me out feeling like i need to go over everything. but i am just gonna ignore all of that that for now and tell you about our fun weekend.

on friday my sister gina and her kids sam (6) and lola (3) came for an impromptu visit from ontario!

 photo photo-16_zps197fdeaa.jpeg
here is lola and i reading together. we totally coordinated.

on saturday my sisters and i had a girls day.

 photo photo-11_zpsb4148b49.jpeg
 photo photo-25_zpseff49a11.jpeg
posing it up
 photo image-7_zpsf0443cdc.jpeg
my bun and boots give me a height advantage over my sisters. amazon laura.
 photo image-5_zpsbd4bb745.jpeg
really i cant be trusted in picture posing

we went shopping and out for dinner - super good times.

but even more fun happened after dinner. we went over to my sister sara's beautiful house and played beauty shop. my favorite.

we had purchased a few makeup items we wanted to try out and sara wanted to try some new hairstyles on gina and i. 

 so girly and so much fun. 

i haven't laughed so hard in the longest time. i couldn't breathe at times. no sound came out while i was laughing.

it was that funny.

trying to take pictures of each other all glammed up was hilarious. we could not for the life of us keep a straight face but we both wanted pictures of how pretty our hair turned out.

sara you are a hair genius. i am so bad at doing hair that all i ever do is put it in a bun. 

i am the bun lady. 

so thank you sara for giving us pretty hair for our at home movie night, ha!

 photo IMG_20130303_100413_zpsae941c2b.jpg
we pulled it together (barely) to snap these pictures as we lovingly gazed into each others eyes.
i had to think about sad puppies. gina was thinking about happy puppies.
 photo IMG_20130303_1009491_zps089ee84a.jpg
my hair was so lovely. pictures never quite do justice. sara you need to come over every morning and do my hair.
 photo IMG_20130303_100128_zps7723fdbd.jpg
 photo IMG_20130306_193259_zpsd1ed42ea.jpg
gina you look so beautiful

but these photos down below will forever make me pee my pants.

 we were trying. so. hard.

 photo 20130302_205727_zps9dcf67ba.jpg
i was trying so hard to not laugh.
gina we failed.
but you look good. i kind of look like an alien.
deal with it in your hearts.
 photo 20130302_205831_zps3d8b8ddd.jpg
oh mah gawd - gina we are nailing it.
 photo 20130302_210857_zpsb2e01f1c.jpg
 this makes me laugh hard - keep it together gina

where is sara you ask?

oh she took her make up off and forbid any pictures.

she is so glamorous she does not need photographic evidence of her beauty.

gina and i take these precious moments of glamor seriously.

where were the kids you ask?

they were having a "camp in" at gramas.

 photo photo-18_zpsdacdd660.jpeg
they went bath tub fishing with their toy fishing rods and hobo scarves

 photo campin_zps3eb76de2.jpg
they each got a couch in the sun room for their first sleep over all together. my heart exploded.
 photo IMG_20130301_184258_zps8ebaba3a.jpg
first night together and grama got them matching jammies!
 photo IMG_20130306_191628_zps20446d74.jpg
just hanging out together in the sun room. cousins for life.

so basically we had the best weekend ever!!

and then i got the flu.



sara brown said...

Oh my gawd Laura. . .You are awsome. What a great recap of our weekend! You and Gina are hilarious and I truly had a great time with my sistas. . .We rock yo.

Gina Woods said...

Oh I died laughing all over again! I love it! You did a great post. And now I have spent way too long on the computer this morning and I gotta hussel these munchkins out the door this morning for school. AGHHHH!
But, it was worth it! What a great weekend.

BabaLinda said...

"I know them! I know them!", said Grama in a Will Ferrel Elf voice...
So fun to read about what REALLY happened while I was home fishing with the grandees...

Chris said...

Love your fancy hair-do! Looks like a super fun weekend!!! Hope you are on the mend from the flu!

amanda said...

a million things to say...

1. you girls had WAY to much fun!! can i come next time?? seriously. i want to vacation at your moms house. my jaw drop everytime i see pics (the one with the kids on the couch?!?!)

2. your hair is amazing!! like you need to do one of those silhouette pics of that pic!! you look beautiful!!

3. i need gina's bird necklace!! where oh where did she get it??

4. i am not kidding. seeing the grandbabies all hanging out?? i am dying over the cuteness!!!

miss you friend!!