Wednesday, November 30, 2011

i got a fancy phone

chris and i got new phones - like really cool "rich people" phones

i know i am a bit slow on the trend of the instagram photos - but whatever!!

okay okay i dont even have instagram i have the android phone versions but again i say whatever!!

it is so handy to have my fancy phone to take photos with me on the go or even just at home when i dont want to get out our real camera :)

so without further ado i give to you my first phone pictures

i know i know sooooo exciting!! try to contain your excitement!

can you find sophia?

my pretty new christmas wreath that i made - huzzah for burlap!

bathrobe cutie!

learning to tie her shoes with auntie sara



Chris said...

Super jealous of your new phone! I want one. :) Also... love that wreath. You are so crafty!!

amanda said...

rich people phones!! u r too funny :)

love the new wreath friend!!

ps - we totally have pics of lilly like that too!! she thinks that girl is her bff!! and the dog?? everytime we walk in she goes and gets it a doggie toy to play with!! silly girls!!