Monday, October 3, 2011

three weeks ago


the outtakes!



im a *tad* behind here on this blog aren't i
sophia is now a seasoned 2nd year preschooler
3 weeks under her belt and took to it like a pro star!!
such a huge change from last year - my little girl who was stuck to me like velcro at every drop off has now become little miss independent!
it makes this momma proud to know how much confidence she has gained!
she goes three times a week in the afternoons for 2 hours
and loves it!


my almost 4 year old has also become a ballerina
she attends 'creative dance' once a week for 30 minutes and adores it
my heart bursts with pride at how much she is blossoming

life is good my friends!!


Chris said...

Yeah for independence, although it's hard to let go! She is the cutest little ballerina. I love the sequence of photos!

amanda said...

life is so good :)

yay for sophia!! she looks so so so happy friend!!

hope all else is well :)