Wednesday, October 12, 2011


my little girl (the hair stylist) turns four tomorrow!!

we have a very busy week ahead!

family birthday dinner tomorrow - we are having mexican night
sophia's favorite dinner is homemade bean and cheese burritos - that was *always* my birthday dinner growing up too!
saturday is her birthday party - 'hello kitty' party here we come!
auntie gina, uncle matt, sam and lola are arriving tomorrow to stay the week so lots and lots of fun family times ahead!

life is full of goodness and we cant get enough



Chris said...

Happy 4th Birthday to Sophia! Hope it's a terrific weekend for all of you.

amanda said...

happy happy sweet four sophia!!

thinking of you both all weekend - and love that we will be celebrating together (well kind of)!!


Cathie said...

Happy Birthday Sophia!

Makenna and Cathie