Friday, June 24, 2011

luckiest girls in the world

grampa bob is amazing

we really cant get enough of him

it was his idea to build a playhouse - within days it was up

i painted it and then sophia and i decorated it

i was going to re paint the outside but have decided to just leave it alone

i never realized that picking playhouse colors would be so stressful

rough life.

the style is so my dad

it is unique just like he is

sophia is beyond lucky - and so am i

our life is grand

and this is just what is outside our suite - the whole garden awaits us daily and is amazingly beautiful and full of charm - breathtaking at times - a discovery place for sophia - sometimes i think we are living in a fairytale garden amongst the woodland creatures.

dad i just have to say it again...

thank you for such a charming life and our whimsical playhouse

how did we get so lucky??

welcome to sophia's playhouse!



spray painted milk jugs and holder

tea party time!


drive thru window



view from her doorway - that is our entry to the backyard and kitchen window - i can watch her play while doing housework

reading from her 1979 children's cookbook

sophia's veggie patch - she is growing butter lettuce, romaine,  peas and celery!

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amanda said...

honey it is sweeter than i even imagined!! seriously. i need a grandpa bob!!

one of these days and etta and sophia? so having a playdate in that lovely wonderland that is your back yard!!