Friday, October 29, 2010

get ready for a cousin picture-fest!

gina,sam and lola came to visit!

they stayed for one week and the time we spent together was so wonderful.

sam and sophia got along like best buds. i don't remember one time where they were not getting along. it was amazing. there is just nothing like family!!

it broke my heart to say goodbye to them. sam and lola stole my heart (like they do every time). it was so nice to spend time with my sister and just chill together. we are already planning another trip but this time i go to see them. i can't wait. january can't come soon enough!!

we love you guys!


sophia's halloween costume, she's a tough but smiley pirate!

sam the cheetah in the wild jungle of grampa's garden!

twinsies!! gina and i both unknowingly bought the same outfits for our girls!

at the park

lola bear

have i mentioned how much i love fall??

love these two little munchkins!!!

race ya!!

swing time fun!

lola and sophia

lola bear in the pumpkin basket!

pumpkin patch time, giddy up!

gonna "milk" the cow

best friends forever holding hands

oh this photo makes me laugh sophia....bend with the knees girlfriend!

my loves! it was such a fun, awesome trip and we can't wait to do it again!!


Sara Brown said...

Ahhh my heart hurts looking at these photos! They are so scrumptious...

BabaLinda said...

Who are those good looking children???? Oh, yes, that's right. They are my grandies. Love them to pieces.

BabaLinda said...
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Kristi Tencarre said...

you've got some amazing photos there!!!!

amanda said...

are those REAL leaves?? honey they are HUGE!!! i love them!!

and really i love the picture overload - love it all!! looks like so so so much fun!!

i wish my brothers would hurry up and give my girls some are so lucky!!


Anonymous said...

The lump in my throat won't go away. I love family time and it is such a gift for you all to be together. Such beautiful children.
Love you, Aunt Lori