Monday, November 9, 2009

une petite update

Who is a busy bee these days??

I am, I am!

I started my own business people!

Remember when I said I couldn't handle working from home anymore?

Well, Im taking back those words.

This time is different, this time I AM THE BOSS...which is pretty durn fantastic!

Realty Connection is the name of my business.

Every name that I wanted or thought was brilliant was unavailable.

Too bad so sad.

I have two days under my belt and so far so great!!

I have a Realtor in the area who has contracted my company (that would be me) to generate Real Estate leads for him.

So I get to put on my phone voice, wear my headset and charm people.

They don't know that im sitting in my basement surrounded by toys and laundry (I may also be wearing stretchy pants and no makeup).

Life here in Pearsonville has been a tough go lately.

Chris lost his job back in May and has been doing side jobs since then.

It has been stressful to say the least.

But now I get to help and use some of God's gifts that he gave me to help support my family.

Im hoping to make a great success out of this venture.

And in Sophia news....

  • I have a nudie on my hands. She never wants to wear clothes anymore...umm ok, whatever floats your boat girlfriend!

  • She loves to sing. She sings Little Mermaid songs (beyond cute, i really need to get that on video) and just tonight she sang to me while sitting on the potty in the buff 'Itsy Bitsy Spider' (with the hand gestures and all). It went something like this..."itsy bitty spider up water.....rain......wash.....out......up sun...yayayay" Followed by clapping at herself because she was proud and so was I!! My heart was so full.

  • Sophia got her H1N1 shot today. Mommy wasn't allowed to because there is a shortage of vaccine here. Sucks. But at least my baby will be protected.

  • And a small miracle happened tonight! Sophia went to bed without her precious "soos" and blanket!!! We just recently broke the habit of not having her soos/blanket combo in the daytime. It had gotten out of hand and she was addicted. bad. Every time something made her upset she would automatically ask for her combo pack. Finally broke that habit. So tonight as we read our new library Christmas books she sat on my lap and made no mention of her combo pack...I turned the light off, we snuggled for a few minutes (still no mention), laid her down in bed and she rolled to her side and went to sleep. I walked out of the room amazed, did that really just happen. I waited around outside her room for a while waiting to hear her realize it was missing. But nothing.

  • When did she get so big?? Singing, going potty, big girl bed, no combo pack???

My heart really can't get much fuller. I love her so much! I thank God everyday that He sent me Sophia to be my daughter. I am so blessed!

***Funny thing, I named this post Une Petite Update...well not so petite is it??? Sorry bout that!


Chelle said...

Oh yay! Such awesome news on your job, momma! I know you will be GREAT!

Isn't it adorable when they sing? Seriously melts my heart hearing those little voices going to work. *happy sigh*

And the toddler in the buff thing? Our girls could be streakers together, haha!

And YAY/CONGRATS/GO CELEBRATE that the combo is done with! I am so jealous?! Isabella now wants to even swing in Madelyn's baby swing...yikes.

Jenny said...

Hi...Found your blog from Chelle's blog. Your little girl is too precious! My little guy is almost 2 and they just grow up so quickly. They become a little person!
Congrats on the job at home, cannot get any better than that...
thanks for letting us visit.

Young Pop Sophisticate said...

Congrats, Laura! I'm sure you'll do great!

amanda said...

happy new job friend!! such great news that it is already going well!!

and loving the naked sophia...although easy for me to say huh? pretty sure our turn is next :)

they really do overflow your heart don't they? we are lucky mamas!!


Chris said...

Congratulations! That's wonderful news with the job.

It's hard to see them grow up so fast. ;)

Ms.Mara said...

Congratulations on your new job! How fantastic to be your own boss.