Friday, November 20, 2009

please dear god let this be a phase

What is with Sophia no longer wanting or needing to nap????

I'm not ready for this.

Not only do I need this time to re-group, clear my head, have a moment of sanity, get tasks (you know important stuff) I also have to work. This is not possible when she whines and cries the whole time or has a whopping 20 minute nap.

Yesterday we tried to just have quiet time in her room. She didn't understand the concept. It was definitely not quiet quiet time. We will have to work on that. Wishing she was still in a crib so she couldn't escape, haha!

I thought today she would be good and worn out and ready for a nap....nope. Two hours of playing hard with friends at a playgroup, running errands with me and she was still good to go!! "no nap mommy" "no sleep" "no books" no quiet" get the drift.


Can you tell we have had a rough afternoon??

Asking for it to please, please just be a phase.

A 'welcome to two' phase that goes away shortly?!

Anyways for a much more happy post look below :)


Heather @ boy, girl, and a pug said...

Here's hoping it's just a phase! Ella refuses naps about once a week, and let's just say it's a darn good thing Daddy comes home!

Gina Woods said...

oh my dear...the check might be in the mail! Baby gate on the outside of her door. Then she can't get out. She can play in her room, but she can't get out. She is related to Samuel you know!

amanda said...

it's only a phase. it's only a phase. it's only a phase.

(fingers crossed for us both - we are dealing with the same thing!)

Chelle said...

Isabella refused one yesterday...ugh! But a trick I have learned? I close her door. That way, no escaping and if she doesn't sleep she watches a movie or reads for the time she is in there.

Because there is no way she is giving up those naps, haha!

Chris said...

It must be a phase, because Jack is doing some of the same things! Hope sleep finds her soon!

Young Pop Sophisticate said...

Sorry Laura! I'm struggling over here with a 5-week old who refuses to sleep anywhere but on mummy! I guess we all have challenges throughout parenthood!