Tuesday, November 24, 2009

oh yes we did!

We set up for Christmas on Sunday....that's right November 22!

This is the earliest we have ever set up for Christmas.

If you had suggested we set up for Christmas in November in years past I would have said you were crazy.

Something happens when you have a kid.

Or perhaps it happens as you get older.

Nope scratch that.

My parents never set up for Christmas any earlier than mid December.

Perhaps its just me as I get older. I feel more and more like a crazy lady.

I like to soak up all the holiday I can get!

I didn't get a lot of "setting up the tree" pics because I was busy setting up the tree.

Sophia woke from her mini nap to discover Christmas ornaments. She was utterly confused.
She said Mom...it's November.

25 Months 068
She got into the swing of things once she realized those weren't actually oranges in that box.

25 Months 072

25 Months 074
Time to put up the outside Christmas lights!!! Exciting!!

25 Months 116

25 Months 126
Pretending she is laying in a meadow with Edward.

25 Months 140
Hehe just kidding. She is moon gazing.

25 Months 136

25 Months 134
The finished product. Cozy cozy time!

25 Months 149


Pastor Bob said...

Beautiful Laura...You're the first person I know who has put up the tree. See you soon


Lindsey said...

You and I have great taste for our girls! Makayla has that same jacket!!! :D

Allikaye's Mama said...

SOOOO Pretty!! We are setting up on Friday! I'm excited!
And you made me laugh out loud with Sophia waiting in a meadow for Edward!! hehehe! You are fun-ny!

Sara Brown said...

So can see the Edward thing...ahhh, can't wait to see New Moon!

Christina said...

I set up last weekend too! love it!

amanda said...

i think you are right - it's the mom in us - just can't get enough of the glow of their little faces in the lights!!

ps - loving all of her winter accessories :)