Monday, October 26, 2009


i got a lovely email today from my aunt melanie asking of i still made my babybloom barrettes and if my etsy shop was still up and running.

to answer this question my etsy shop still just lays dormant waiting for me to fill it up!

i have been doing some pretty cute stuff lately.

I have generally given away most of the treasures that i have made.

this little treasure is a headband i made for sophia for her second birthday.

when the day came to wear her pretty pretty outfit she wasn't feelin it.

she wore the pretty skirt but we funked it up with striped tights and a hot pink sweater instead.

i think i will be filling my etsy shop with lots of headbands in bloom...

pretty pretty ones and funky funky ones!

thanks aunt melanie for giving me the little nudge i needed!


Chelle said...

Love it. It's absolutely stunning, honey!

amanda said...

yay for the nudge :)

and your work? beautiful as always!