Sunday, October 4, 2009

cousins - side by side

Lola inherited 40 lbs of Sophia's baby clothes!

So now when i see all the cute photos of Lola I say aww and think I have a pic just like that of Sophia!

I will try and not be too silly about doing side by sides all the time but its too cute not too!!

You have to remember that Sophia was born almost 6 weeks early.

So in the bottom picture they are just about the same age according to Sophia's adjusted age.


Sophia at 8 weeks Lola at 4 weeks

Sophia at 8 weeks

Lola at 2 weeks


Scrappy Girl said...

Cute Cute cousins...they look so much alike! It is a pink overload!

amanda said...

oh honey how fun is that??

sooo sweet!

and how much do you love doing those trips down memory lane...our babies used to be sooo little!

My Little Corner said...

They look too cute for words!

Kristi Tencarre said...

so adorable!!!