Thursday, September 10, 2009

sophia where are you?

I have been wanting to add some videos of my crazy little pumpkin but have had a hard time uploading them to blogger. So I have turned to trusty old YouTube to bring them to you.

These were taken a month ago. I hope you can get a giggle from them.

** Disclaimer - I am annoying in the background. Any and all videos I post I will most likely sound really silly. It can't be helped, its in my nature. **


BabaLinda said...

what a nice way to end my day - with a smile on my face because of little munchkin sophia.
Goodnight...see you in the morning

Chelle said...

She is so cute!! And I have to show this to Isabella--she'll love it! And she'll be in awe that she has a Dora couch!

ps--email me so I can send you the Yankee email with a coupon and online code...I LOVE Yankee candles, aren't they just yummy? You can just reply to this comment through your email :)

amanda said...

it's all about the little things isn't it?? so fun!