Friday, May 15, 2009

Haircuts And Dandelions

I took Sophia for her first "real" haircut today.

When she was 12 months I took her for a bang cut. Then I swiftly decided that although it was cute I wanted her hair to grow out to one length. I regretted cutting it.

Lately her hair has been all sorts of crazy. It had one side longer than the other and was getting scraggly.

I had the brilliant idea of taking her in to a kids hair place just to trim the edges and even the back out.

Why, why, why? Why do I put these crazy thoughts into my head? I need to just let things be, but that is not in my nature.

I am regretting the haircut. Sigh. Oh well.

She is still the darn tooten' cutest thing ever! I know her hair will grow out more even and into a little bob style.

So after the haircut trauma (it wasn't traumatic for Sophia she loved getting her haircut, in fact she didn't want to leave) we played in the backyard and had oh so much fun playing with dandelions.

(p.s. I realize I am being over dramatic)

I love this pic because her little tights are falling down and her cute pot belly!

stop chasing me ball!

Sky, mommy,sky!!!

(Sophia calls airplanes sky's. I'll explain that another day!)

These three are my favorite pics of the day! I love me some closeups!

smelling the flower, sort of...


Sara said... worry too much! Her hair looks adorable...and this way it will grow even faster! You'll be happy with your decision in a day or two..Love you Sophia Grace!

Chelle said...

Aw, honey, her haircut is adorable! I love it!! I think they did a great job and how cute that she loved getting it cut?!

And your pictures are beautiful. I LOVE closeups, too. Something about capturing just how little they are up close.

Allikaye's Mama said...

What a cutie!! I love those close-ups too! And I have regretted Allikaye's hair cuts too...mama drama! :0)

Also -impressed with your sewing skillz!!

Christy said...

Neither of my kids have ever had a haircut. And Porgie's hair is CRAZY. I can't bring myself to get it cut.

She looks cute!

amanda said...

i don't know if we will ever have enough hair for an actual hair cut!!

but i sooo know what you mean about the mama drama! we sure can get ourselves worked up can't we?

love the hair. and love the kinda smelling the flower pic - adorable!