Saturday, April 18, 2009

This Goes Out To My Girl Christina

This post has nothing to do with Sophia and everything to do with my girl Christina.

I met Christina in Grade 12.

We hit it off right away. She is full of life and fun. We have a blast together.

She is my girl who understands the importance of cross border shopping just to go to Target and Taco Bell.

We can not see each other for months and months and when we get together it is like no time has passed.

So let me tell you a little something else about my girl Christina.

Since I have known her she has been in love with New Kids On The Block.

I never loved NKOTB.

But I loved that she loved them so much.

(Christina even made me have a fling with Howie from The Backstreet Boys.....but that's another story)

ANYWAYS... why I am writing this post is because Christina's dream came true and it seriously makes my heart skip a beat with happiness for her!

For Christina's 30th birthday her sister and her went to Victoria to see NKOTB in concert.

You have to take a Ferry to get to Victoria.


You know it!!
Christina got to meet Joe, Jordan & Donnie!

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Donnie Wahlberg

I love ya girl!!


I wish we could celebrate together!


Jen said...

How exciting! I'm seriously jealous (of course I would be more jealous if she had met Joey, though). Thanks for sharing!!

BabaLinda said...

That is a great story. Those boys will never be the same after meeting our friend! Love it.

Anonymous said...

Its me chrissy, thanks for the shoutout! Cant believe I made it on your Blog~ Woot Woot..
My dreams have come true...
I met Joe, Jordan & Donnie... My life is full now.

hugs me

Scrappy Girl said...

How exciting and FUN!