Friday, January 30, 2009


I took Sophia into the Doctors today.

My Doctor works only two days a week and to see her you have to book at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

This does not work when you have a baby!

I put on my "tough mom" act.

I told them that I needed to see a Doctor pronto and that I could not, would not bring her to the horrific walk in clinic again.

Wouldn't you know it they booked me in with another Doctor right away!

I have to use my "tough mom" act more often!!

The Doctor we saw was great.

Sophia has a bacteria infection.

She is now on antibiotics.

She has an earache, swollen soar throat, runny/stuffed nose oh and we can't forget swollen irritated eyes!!

My poor baby!!!

I am confident she is going to start feeling better soon now that she has started antibiotics.

I knew something was wrong when she was getting worse not better.

She is now snoring away cozy and safe in her room with a humidifier and gentle spa music.

Thanks for all the support and listening to me mope! I feel much better today.

Can't wait to post about happy things with happy pictures!

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Pastor Bob said...

Good girl Laura...You're a good mom and as I remember you always wanted to be a mom and work with little ones. Your wish has come true and we can't wait until Sophia has a brother and sister.

A wishful Grandpa