Sunday, August 17, 2008

Is it Hot In Here Or Is It Just Me?

We are back from our little summer holiday. We had a great time but it always feels good to come home after being away. We arrived home last night to an attention starved cat and a boiling hot house. I am officially over summer. I really dislike being hot. I would give anything for air conditioning. I am trying to clean house and deal with all our stuff from the trip but I just can't do it in the heat. I always get like this at this time of year. I can handle the heat for only so long and then I am done and ready for fall. Actually where we live it pretty much goes straight to winter. I am fantasizing about snow right now. Also I am sick of my summer clothes. Am I too young to wear mumu's?? I don't think so. I am all about the mumu.

I got a little distracted there. I blame the heat. I can't focus.

Our trip was great. Did I already say that? Lots of relaxing at Lakes and time spent with Sophia's Lola and Lolo. I have so many pictures it's a little crazy. Thank God for digital!

Here are my favourite's from the trip!


Christy said...

Glad you had a nice vacation. I am over summer too. I hate sweating. I am really looking forward to Fall.

amanda said...

yay!! welcome home friend :)

the pics are awesome!!

and i agree - summer and sweat suck!!

bring on fall :)

Jenny said...

what gorgeous pics! don't like to be hot eiter...fall where are you?

Jen said...

Missed you! Glad you had a nice vacation.

Yeah, fall is great and all, but then you have to cover up those cute little chubby legs!

Chelle said...

I love the pics! How cute!
I am so over summer--and I am realizing I am not the only one craving cooler temps :)
Oh, fall....where are you?!

PS-I LOVE your hair in the pic on the sidebar! It looks really really cute!