Thursday, July 10, 2008

Special Prayer Request!

Hello all my family and friends spread all over the world! I have a special prayer request to ask of you! I have made a great new bloggy friend named Heather she is going through some challenging and scary times! If you could please add her to your prayers! She has two beautiful kids and a precious pug who need a healthy mommy! We all know the power of prayer! Just look at Chris and my dad. Two walking miracles!! Thank you friends!

We are praying for you Heather!! Sophia and I give you big hugs!!


Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

Oh, are you trying to make me cry?! To late, already am! Thank you so much. Your bloggy love means the world to me!

Thans for the big hugs!

PS-How did you put our header on the post? That looks SWEET!

Jen said...

I've been praying. I wish her news had been better.