Monday, June 30, 2008

It's Still The Weekend

Tomorrow is Canada Day. Chris gets a 4 day weekend because the holiday is on a Tuesday. Chris' parents will be staying until Wednesday morning. I haven't had much time on the computer as we have been doing work in the garden and house. Ok I should say they have been doing work and I am overseeing. It's a tough life!

Grampa Joe hung 5 more hanging baskets around our fence. We already had 3 empty lonely hooks but now they are filled with pretty flowers. So now we have a whopping total of 8 hanging baskets. Lola Joy also planted flowers in the front of the house. I am sure our neighbors are impressed. No longer are we the house with half dead grass and empty hooks. We love you Grampa Joe and Lola Joy!!

On a random note I bought chimes last week. I love the sound of chimes. It makes me so happy to hear them. I love sitting on the patio listening to my chimes.

Our house feels like it is 1,000 degrees. I can barely handle a hot house. I have been running off to air conditioned stores just to escape the heat. I finally bought Sophia a portable playpen so she could sleep in the basement with us. It is so much cooler down there. I think we will be living in the basement from now on.

Sophia had her final swimming lesson today. Her class level was called starfish. She can now move on to duck level. How cute is that?!!

This picture makes me laugh. Sophia looks so perturbed with me. Like she is being forced to hold up her first dolly for a picture and is thinking I am the biggest nerd on the planet. Get used to it Sophia, get used to it!!!

I call this one 'laying on of hands'... praying for miss dolly

(remind you of anybody you know Bethany?)

Sophia wearing her pretty yellow dress from Lola Joy

Lola Joy being put to work...I mean happily planting flowers
(P.S. that is our little kiwi tree in the background, another new addition from Grampa Joe)

If you squint your eyes and look really closely you can see our hanging baskets off of the deck and fence! (The house right behind us is my good friend Jeannie's. Remember I met her at my mommy and me class? How cool is it to live so close!)

Cutest little cactus plant ever!

(Yes, the cactus Lilly had the nerve to chew up!!!! still mad.)

Ok folks Happy Canada Day tomorrow. I am off to relax on the patio with my new book and chimes. I discovered a thrift shop with a fantastic book selection!! yay. I have 3 to choose from tonight. Do I want light and fluffy or something a little more deep?? Yes, I agree light and fluffy it is!


Heather at A Boy, A Girl, & A Pug said...

Ok, that first pic-to freaking funny! I love it! How dare you make her hold a baby doll!

And the dress-adorable! Have a good day tomorrow!

The Gerster Family said...

Sophie is adorable! And yes, the totally looks perturbed with you. But, hey! It's your right as a parent :)

amanda said...

happy canada day :)

and the pictures...especially the dolly one, priceless!!

Jen said...

That first pic just cracks me up. What a cute expression! We have been trying to do some yardwork lately and I'm hating every minute of it. Consider yourself very lucky to have help.