Thursday, June 5, 2008

I'm Going Home

Sophia and I are heading home to Vancouver on Monday. So excited. I was last home when I was 7 months preggers to visit friends and to work in the office. (I worked out of my house here in Calgary for the same company based in Vancouver.) Can't wait to just chill and relax in my parents house and my dad's super amazing, holy cow beautiful garden!! My sister Gina and nephew Samuel will be there too. It will be our last big hoorah visiting with them before they move to Ontario, boo.

I am only telling a few select good friends that I am coming home, otherwise my whole trip will be way too busy and packed and all I really want to do is relax. We are coming back for a visit in July with Chris. So I think I will make that trip the visit friends trip. Anyways being in Vancouver means I can cross the border and you know what that means? It means TARGET! Way too happy about it. I used to cross border hop with my good friend Christina quite often. Our primary objective would be to hit up Target and eat some Taco Bell. Good times!! My only dilemma...lack of money. Some how this month my wittle maternity leave bank account has completely dwindled away. Bad timing! That's what Visa is for, shhh don't tell Chris.

So since I am going home I need good hair. My last hair cut sucked. I went to a new girl since my regular lady had a baby and moved away, how rude. Doesn't she know I depend on her?? So selfish. Ahem. So I am trying a new girl yet again who seems promising. I am contemplating bangs. I really do love Katie Holmes newest do.

However I am not 6ft tall and I don't weigh 100 lbs. But nonetheless I may give it a try. I know of course it won't look the same because when do haircuts actually go the way you want them to. Bangs are tricky. It means I will have to actually style my hair if I leave the house. Now that I have the most super fabulous hair straightener my world has become bigger. Gone are the days when haircuts were pointless because my hair would poof and kink and do it's own thing and NEVER resemble how the stylist styled it. Now I have control over my hair. Seriously this hair straightener is the best thing that's happened to me besides Sophia. I'm not being over dramatic.

So wish me luck that I won't end up looking like a nerd.


The Walsh's said...

I gotta see Vancouver...It's my husband's favorite city ever. I think we could end up there if we don't move back to NC. Toronto life just isn't for me...

I love that hair on Katie and I've LOVE to see it on you...PICTURES!

amanda said...

yeah for skipping over the border and heading to target!! as for being short on the cash flow...just shop the end caps!! seriously you can find some super great deals!! and if there aren't any awesome mark downs...well you only get to go once in a blue moon so i say shop till you drop!!

btw good luck with the hair. and i will still love you even if you look like a nerd :)

Jen said...

Ok, first of all, I missed the fact that you were from Canada. Yay--I have a Canadian friend!! That is about the closest I'll get to being friends with Rachel McAdams. ;)

I think Katie's hair is adorable and from the pictures I have seen of you on your blog I think it would look great on you.

Awesome Sound of Music facts. I would love to go to one of those sing-a-longs. So fun!

Christy said...

I hope your trip is fabulous and relaxing. I LOVE Target. I go there at least 3 times per week. So, I can completely relate.