Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Adventures In Sippy Cups

Yesterday I gave Sophia her first sippy cup to discover.

Is this a new toy?

Is this BPA safe mom?

Getting there...

That's the ticket...

Not that she actually tipped it back to drink but we are gonna get there! I went and bought her a mini sippy cup today which I think will aid in the learning curve. She has never even been interested in holding her own bottle so we will keep our fingers crossed.

And in completely unrelated news here is a cute clip of Sophia after her morning nap. I wanted to capture her sheer joy of waking up. Unfortunately I think the camera interfered with her true excitement upon seeing me. I am going to tell myself this anyways.


amanda said...

we have the same sippy cups and beans loves them!! she actually would prefer to drink out of mommy's cup like a big girl. but mommy likes the sippy cup better :)

also - love, love the morning smiles and kicks!! i swear it's like she hasn't seen me in days when i go in every morning! truly the best start to my day :)

McMommy said...

Ok, how beautiful is Sophia's nursery???!! Oh, I just love girly things!

Her crib looks so comfy and cozy! I think I need to borrow her cute blanket and take a nap.