Tuesday, April 1, 2008


I'm sorry I have not posted in a few days. Sophia and I have been lying low. My poor baby is in the grips of teething and really hasn't been herself. She is very clingy and wants to be held all day long. She is struggling to fall asleep and stay asleep at nap time and at night. (I know I am redundant on the sleep issues, get a new topic Laura!) So we haven't been up to doing too much. She has spent a lot of time in her jolly jumper however. If I'm not holding her she is most likely in her jumper. The instant smiles are fantastic. So needless to say we have been hanging out in my bedroom doorway quite a bit...where the JJ is hanging.

Spending all this time in my bedroom door has got me thinking. I have basically redesigned our whole house's lay out, AND Chris actually agrees with my new master plan. Amazing. I know I know very exciting post but this is all I have to write about tonight, ha. I am going to make our bedroom a playroom. Our living area off of the kitchen is very small and is already taken over by baby stuff and Sophia doesn't even crawl yet. Bottom line we need more room! We have a finished basement that is poorly utilized. Sooo we will have a large master bedroom downstairs and move Chris' office into the spare room that is in the basement. I love the idea of having a room for all baby stuff. That way we can still have our nice living room to enjoy in the evenings and Sophia and I can hang out in her play room during the day. It is nice and bright and will fit the bill perfectly. The only problem is that I am impatient!! When I want something done I want it done immediately. If I could move a queen bed, dressers, desks and all the heavy stuff myself I would but alas I am just a wimpy girl who used to have muscle but no longer does. So I have to wait for Chris who is in no rush. I hate waiting. I love change. I usually hit the one year mark in a house and want to move. I think I have my parents to blame for this. We moved so often and always changed our houses around that I have the constant need for change in my house. We have already moved around the basement office/spare room about 3 times. This time I get to change the upstairs too, how excited am I.

Anyways I will let you know when we finally get to do this. I think it will go down on the weekend. Which feels like forever to wait, ha.

** Random note: Sophia has now eaten rice cereal, bananas, apples and sweet potatoes **

Here are a few pictures taken today. This is what I see all day. It is either one finger in the mouth or trying to fit her her whole hand in. I do have teething rings that I chill but she doesn't have the hang of them yet.

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