Tuesday, April 29, 2008

A Small Miracle


I let go of my fear of gym daycares. This has been the reason I have wasted away my gym membership. The thought of leaving Sophia in a germ pool with people who might neglect her makes me a little queasy. I know that they wouldn't actually neglect her but they may drop her or let her lay in a germy playpen or or or. See I have issues. I mentally prepared for the occasion by telling myself people do this all the time, I will be in the next room and she needs to be exposed to other kids. They aren't mean people they are people who like babies. She will be fine. And she was. Although the ladies watching the kids weren't the friendliest. They looked at me like I was a nutcase. I tried to be cool. It clearly didn't come across to them. They asked me if she liked playing in an excersaucer. I said oh yes she loves them. They wip out this germy crumb covered very well used excersaucer. It took all my will power not to wip out my spray sanitizer and clean the whole daycare. I kept telling myself some germs are good... builds her immunity. It was a big step for me today. Gone are my excuses of not going to the gym. I am excited and I hope I will make this a regular routine for us so Sophia can have a happy, healthy mommy who can keep up with her once she starts exploring the world by running.

I leave you with Lilly in a bowl. Completely unrelated to this post but funny none the less. If you recall an earlier post I wrote about Miss Lilly you may find this funny....

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