Wednesday, April 23, 2008

New Milestone Reached!!

Amongst our busy day today Sophia sat up all by herself!! I am so proud of my little munchkin. Sophia is a little behind in the mobility department. So today when she sat up with no support on multiple occasions my heart swelled with pride. Since Sophia should only be 4.5 months she is a little behind on the 6 month landmarks. I always have to remind myself to not get worried or compare Sophia to other 6 month olds. I always wonder though "Am I doing things right? Am I not teaching her what to do ". I know I am doing everything I can to help her develop those motor skills. So today was a big day for us and my heart is still swollen with pride!

Today my friend and her 6 month old son came over to have a play date. She is the friend I met at my mommy and me group who happens to live right behind us. We have hung out so much lately and it is has been so great. We are a bad influence on each other though. We both are shopaholics. We might have a problem on our hands. Today though we were good girls and stayed indoors and had coffee and watched Juno. Our babies nap at the same time. It works out perfectly! 10 minutes after they left Gina and Sam came over to play. I made my speciality of chicken adobo for dinner (the one Filipino dish I have mastered). Sara also came to dinner and we celebrated all of our birthdays together. I forgot to mention Chris' birthday was yesterday and Gina's is on Sunday. I also made a chocolate cake with peanut butter frosting. Deadly. I am making Chris take the rest to work with him tomorrow to avoid a mid afternoon binge on my part. Anyways yadda yadda yadda am i done talking yet?? We had a lovely full day and I am thankful for my little world.

Here are a few photos taken today of all the goings on.

Sophia and Alex hanging out. He is two weeks older than Sophia.

P.S. Sophia wears bibs now during the day because she drools like crazy and I am sick of soaking wet shirts (it really ruins her cute outfits however)....

Big boy Sam standing in Sophia's excersaucer....

I forgot to mention the cutest thing Sam and Sophia had their first bath together AWE!

The only G -rated shot. Sophia looks thrilled...

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amanda said...

yeah for another big milestone!!

will we ever stop getting giddy over their accomplishments??

thanks for the raincoat tip :)