Friday, April 25, 2008

Maryjane's We Love you!

Yesterday I went through Sophia's closet and dresser and pulled out all the clothes that no longer fit her. It was a little sad seeing all her itty bitty clothes being packed away. I have already gone through this process a few times so I should be used to the pangs of sadness.

I have this small fear that I will miss putting Sophia in some of her adorable outfits as she grows. So I assess her wardrobe monthly to make sure we aren't forgetting anything. When I was pregnant I knew I was having a little girl. So I bought a few ensembles for my future baby. Today Sophia wore one of these outfits. She looked so adorable I think I took about 500 pictures of her. However with this particular outfit she has no shoes that match. Dilemma, dilemma! So after our photo shoot I made plans to go to the mall with my neighbor friend. We came upon the most adorable Maryjane's. I am a sucker for Maryjane's always have been. So today I bought Sophia a pair and two for me, oops!

The two I bought for myself are Crocs. I think they are so cute and so practical. The red ones are amazingly comfortable. Aren't Sophia's new shoes fantastically sweet!!

Posing in my red jacket and oh so sweet skirt but needing some shoes to match...

Mom I need new shoes....

Lilly thinks I need new shoes too...

After our shopping excursion I showed daddy my purchase!

Yay for shopping trips! I also found some great sales on summer clothes for her. I need to win the lottery asap!!

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amanda said...

love the shoes :)

i seriously try to avoid the shoe dept when we go out!!