Friday, April 11, 2008

Chris Update!!

Chris finished his last radiation treatment on Wednesday! Hooray!
He is happy to be finished. He did so well during the process. Never complained. He is a little more tired than his usual self but that is about it. It will take a month or so for him to be back to normal and regain his energy level. He will meet with his radiosurgeon on May 20th for a follow up. That is all we know for now. I'm sure he will have other appointments but we don't know when and what they will be. So thankful it is over and that he did so well!

On Monday Sophia and I went and watched Chris receive his radiation. The technicians were so nice and explained how it worked and what was going on (I nodded and pretended I knew what they were talking about). It really is amazing and baffling what technology can do. Sophia was a hit with the technicians. They went gaga over her. Pretty cool how a little baby can brighten people's day!

They let Chris keep his mask he wore while receiving his treatments. Chris thinks it is very cool. I think it's a little bit scary!!

Do not be afraid it's only Chris....

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