Wednesday, April 9, 2008

6 Month - Well Baby Check Up

Sophia will be 6 months on April 13Th! This sorta fweaks my mind. How has 6 months already gone by?? Everyone always tells you "enjoy every moment it goes by so fast", I was always like yeah yeah. BUT it is SO true!! It has been half a year and it feels like it's gone by in a blink. I do try and absorb and enjoy every moment and every stage Sophia is in. She is in a really fun stage right now. She talks and giggles and has so many expressions. She is always wanting to grab, touch, lick and investigate everything. I call her my little cookoo bird. She is hilarious at times.

Sophia had her well baby check up on Monday. She is doing fantastic. My Dr. is always so impressed at how strong Sophia is for being born 6 weeks early. Her adjusted age is 4.5 months but she is pretty much on target with 6 month olds developmentally.

She weighs 14lbs. and 4oz. She is a little peanut but a strong peanut. She is being a cookoo bird as we speak in her jolly jumper.

I did an impromptu self portrait of Sophia and I a few minutes ago. Trying to get her to look at the camera was a challenge....

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